We develop solutions for protection and safety

The main thing is: Quality

There is nothing better than that which is built to the highest quality possible. With this in mind, absolute quality and product safety rank among the most important corporate goals of Zipper-Technik. In order to safeguard both, we are very careful indeed to make sure that the quality standards we have established are strictly adhered to during all phases of design and production.

Starting with sourcing the highest quality raw materials and components, we check regularly and comprehensively for defects and other factors like shelf-life restrictions to ensure quality. The production processes and technologies are reviewed and optimized. Last but not least, our finished products undergo rigorous testing in order to make sure they function perfectly and are of flawless quality.

The results are worth it. Our products comply with all requirements and are certified according to national and international quality standards (ISO). Thus we offer our clients the high level of quality they rightly expect from us.