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Economic Strength Requires Sustainable Standards.

For Zipper-Technik, compliance is more than just a necessity required to abide by the rules. It represents a strategic dimension in our company with positive ramifications into all corporate areas, uniting statutory provisions, regulatory standards, and ethical principles. Always with the aim of providing a stable foundation for our entrepreneurial activities.

This implies diligently adhering to all laws and regulations, to regulatory standards and entrepreneurial rules. In addition to these external factors, we have also defined internal principles for responsible management on all levels oriented towards the long term. Integrity and a zero-tolerance policy concerning corruption and bribery are a matter of course for us.

The goals and benefits of our sustainable compliance are obvious: it makes us a reliable partner for clients, suppliers, and society. And it guarantees our capacity to act, increasing the entire process quality, thus ensuring our economic strength.

Since 2020 Zipper-Technik has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. An annually compiled Communication on Progress report documents all measures taken for integrating the UN Global Compact and its policies related to business strategy, corporate culture, and daily acivities. Please learn more about our progress here.

UN Global Compact

Christian Hopp
Quality Manager and Integrated Management System (IMS), Zipper-Technik

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