We develop solutions for protection and safety

Innovation is our most important assistant

There’s nothing more constant than change. We are well-prepared for change, and our products are always state-of-the-art in terms of knowledge and technology. Since innovation and flexibility are among some of our core competencies we also hold numerous patents and special products which demonstrate our ability to adapt and change.

We are continuously looking for new solutions, materials and ways to address our customer’s needs, while continuously optimizing existing products to align with changing customer wishes and market shifts. We accompany more concentrated production processes, new technologies and groundbreaking developments to benefit our clients with new ideas and innovative products.

Zipper-Technik is ready to take on any kind of customized solution and has specialized in these exact challenges for many years. Our employees represent this, tackling the most demanding tasks with creativity and know-how, with curiosity and patience, in order to present our customers with a solution that is viable for a long time to come.