We develop solutions for protection and safety


For every task, there’s a perfect solution – ours

Making the best use of novel materials, innovative production techniques and functional design, we develop solutions from concept all the way through serial production. We are working to move the world of our customers another step forward each and every day. Whether produced in small numbers or large batches – one thing always remains the same: the perfect function according to customer specifications.

Our products make everything a little bit better. And they are always useful when

  • national, international and customer-specific quality standards must be adhered to;
  • legal and corporate safety standards must be complied with;
  • practical and reliable solutions are required;
  • innovative materials and components are needed for responding to new demands;
  • economic viability and efficiency are to be increased.

We invent solutions for progress, and are looking forward to new challenges. So what can we do for you?